About Us
Located in East Central Illinois Terrydale Farms was
founded in the Spring of 1950 by Bill and Wanda Furry. The
operation began with two bred gilts given by father in law
Ralph Bumpus and renting their Aunt's 80 acre tenant
farm.  In 1954 the operation moved south a half mile to the
Leon Ball Farm where the elevator and main farm are
presently located. Through the first 20 years TDF was a
typical diversified operation. as we approached the 70's
our scope of operations was narrowed to row crop and
swine production.  In 1982 the 3000 head hog operation
was sold off and we refocused solely on row crop farming.
TDF was organized into a family held corporation in 1997.
We currently farm 4100 acres in corn soybean rotation
using min-till Beans and conventional Corn. In the past 10
years we have adopted Geographically Referenced
Information Systems for most field operations, Variable
Rate Application Systems and more recently started using
multi hybrid seeding systems with the goal of maximising
productivity and sustainability at the same time.
Harold Marts worked at TDF for well over 40
years. After reaching that milestone he decided
to semi retire. Now he can be found usually
during the busy seasons or other times we need
some extra help.The maintenance and operation
skills he has acquired throughout his years are
invaluable on our farm. On his retirement time
Harold does wood working making many
different replicas, many of them award winning
along with flea markets and fishing.

Todd Easton has been working around the farm
for 30 years. After graduating from Lake Land
College with a Certificate of Crop Production 20
years ago he started working on the farm full
time and now oversees the management of the
operation. During off time he enjoys tinkering
with Oliver tractors, camping, and spending time
with wife Kelly Jo and kids Case & Maddison.

Morey Hawkins is our Operations Supervisor and
Foreman bringing years of farming, construction, and
production experence with him. He is always looking
for a better way to do the job and always finds it. His
quick adaptation to technology makes him a natural
with any of our precision systems. If he's not here he
can be found either helping his Dad farm in Kansas or
spending time with wife Rose and daughters Mia and
Vision Statement
Terrydale Farms will always strive to stand out in the Production Agriculture
Industry. Our mission is to farm effectively, efficiently, improve our operation and
the land in our care for future generations, and most importantly to enjoy the most
exciting and rewarding lifestyle there is, Farming.
Mission Statement
Terrydale Farms is a well established operation among the most solid, forward
thinking, and productive farms in Illinois and will always strive to increase the
quality of life of our family, our land owners, and our community

Our Dedicated Weekend Warriors:

Lee Marts, Gage Marts, Larry Hawkins, and Korey Hawkins

Teresa Easton (the "Terry" in Terrydale) fills the
critical role of farm cook keeping meals headed to
the fields in the evenings during the busy
seasons. The rest of the time she enjoys chasing
grandkids around and making lots of creative
sewing projects.
William "Bill" Furry was the founder of TDF during
his farming career he recieved many honors
including  Jaycees Outstanding Young Farmer -
1957, Prairie Farmer Master Farmer - 1973,
National Corn Growers Association Award of
Excellence 1988, Coles County Farmer of the Year
- 1993, Coles County SWCD Outstanding
Conservation Farmer - 1996, and Coles County
Farm Bureau Outstanding Member - 2002. On
December 15, 2017 he rode his motorcycle off into
the sunset to farm the fields of Heaven and rejoin
many friends and family and his Buster Dog.
Terrydale Farms is a well established operation among the most solid, forward
thinking, and productive farms in Illinois and will always strive to increase the
quality of life of our farm family, our land owners, and our community
In Loving Memory:

Ernie Hurt is our lead mechanical tech joining us as a
full time helper this season after 20 years of
moonlighting during busy seasons. He brings years
of valuable mechanical experence to the farm and
can fix about anything we need him to. On his off
time Ernie enjoys circle track racing his B-Mod and
watching boys Dalton and Nick play greenwave
baseball from the stands with wife Malinda.

Kelly Easton is the administrative assistant
keeping the books sorted and the bills paid. She
makes time to do this in between her many hours
volunteering at the Charleston elementary schools
and serving as their President and Food for Kids
organizer. All while still finding tome to keep the
house and family running on the right path.