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Since 1950

William Furry in front of tractor fleet
Remembering Charles William Furry 1928-2017

Located in East Central Illinois, Terrydale Farms was founded in the Spring of 1950 by Bill and Wanda Furry. The operation began with two bred gilts given by father in law Ralph Bumpus and renting their Aunt's 80 acre tenant farm. In 1954 the operation moved south a half mile to the Leon Ball Farm where the elevator and main farm are presently located. Through the first 20 years TDF was a typical diversified operation. as we approached the 70's our scope of operations was narrowed to row crop and swine production. In 1982 the 3000 head hog operation was sold off and we refocused solely on row crop farming. TDF was organized into a family held corporation in 1997. We currently farm 3600 acres in corn soybean rotation using min-till Beans and conventional Corn.  Over the past 20 years operations have incorporated Geographically Referenced Guidance Systems for most field operations, Variable Rate Application, and Application Overlap Control with the goal of maximizing productivity and sustainability at the same time.

Mission Statement

Terrydale Farms will always strive to stand out in the Production Agriculture Industry. Our mission is to farm effectively, efficiently, improve our operation and the land in our care for future generations, and most importantly to enjoy the most exciting and rewarding lifestyle there is: Farming.

Vision Statement

Terrydale Farms is a well established operation among the most solid, forward thinking, and productive farms in Illinois and will always strive to increase the quality of life of our farm family, our land owners, and our community.

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